Can I Take Phentermine Long-Term? An Expert's Perspective

If you take phentermine without making any other lifestyle changes, you can expect to gain back the weight you lost once you finish your prescription. Taking phentermine multiple times is a sign that it isn't helping you achieve long-term weight loss, so it's important to consider alternative treatments such as personalized dietary and lifestyle counseling. In a recent study, patients who had been taking phentermine long-term were asked to stop taking it for 48 hours in order to participate. There have been reports of people becoming dependent on phentermine and continuing to take it even after they no longer need to lose weight.

Although phentermine is the preferred medication for treating obesity, its use by other doctors has decreased due to concerns about its safety. The FDA has approved phentermine for short-term use, but conducting studies on long-term use is expensive since it's a generic drug. However, this doesn't mean that you should take phentermine long-term in order to avoid weight gain after you stop taking it, as this could put your health at risk. Fear of the potential side effects of phentermine hasn't stopped specialists from using it to treat obesity.

A retrospective study looked into the symptoms that occur when patients who have been taking phentermine long-term suddenly stop taking it. The results showed that those who stopped taking phentermine of their own accord didn't experience an amphetamine-like withdrawal symptom complex. If you're worried about withdrawal symptoms, talk to your doctor about strategies to avoid them and options for continuing to lose weight after you stop taking phentermine. When phentermine was first developed and tested in clinical trials, it was only used for short periods of time.

This was because of its structural similarities with amphetamine and evidence that it stimulated spontaneous activity in rats. A prospective study is currently being conducted to evaluate the addictive potential of phentermine in patients who have been taking it for two years or more. In addition to eating healthy and exercising, a good sleep routine and stress management are important parts of any successful weight loss program with phentermine. Taking the time to look after your emotional needs and well-being will help you maintain your ideal weight even after you stop taking phentermine.

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