Phentermine alternatives reddit?

I work in endocrinology and medical bariatrics is my main area. Phentermine is by far our most prescribed medication. We use it alone or in combination with topiramate. Obviously, it's not perfect for all patients, but it can be a very effective weight loss tool for many.

Most of our patients take it for a long time to maintain their weight, except that they should continue to visit us regularly for monitoring and monitoring. It kills me when another provider embarrasses a patient for taking “quick pills” or makes him stop taking them for no specific reason other than his own bias, and then comes back to me crying when he has regained a significant amount of weight. I would like more people to address obesity as a chronic disease that may require long-term pharmacological treatment, just like any other chronic illness. Everyone I know who has tried phentermine (my husband, brother, several friends) has lost a lot of weight.

And each of us got it back when we left it. It's easy to choose good foods when you have a low appetite and extra energy. He initially recommended Saxenda to me and mentioned phentermine as an alternative if my insurance doesn't cover the former.

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