When phentermine doesn't work?

However, if phentermine doesn't work, stops working, or has an intolerable side effect, you should ask your doctor to switch to another weight-loss medication. Some people have to take other medications that cause weight gain; other patients are genetically obese. The effects of phentermine decrease over time due to drug tolerance. Tolerance occurs when a drug loses potency over time after repeated use and, as a result, the individual experiences a lower response to the medication.

I am taking my last month of phentermine. It's no use to me anymore. I had similar effects, the first few days I felt really good, but I don't get a burst of energy and it doesn't really help my appetite at all. However, I lost about 20 pounds before using it, 25 pounds while using it.

However, it forces me to drink more, I have completely eliminated soda, except sometimes I have one. I drink 1 to 2 gallons of water a day, which is a big difference. It doesn't make me clean my house quickly now, but it has taken away my dependence on caffeine. Even though I'm still hungry, I've noticed that it helps me not to overeat.

I've noticed that if I pick it up, get up and move, it helps me to keep doing it. Whereas if I sit on my phone doing nothing, it magically doesn't make me decide to get up. Phentermine is supposed to work because it suppresses appetite. If you're using phentermine to lose weight but aren't happy with the results, check with our medical team.

Your doctor or medical staff will review and evaluate your daily routine and eating habits and ask you a few more questions about your daily routine and eating habits. If phentermine stopped working for you, be sure to talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have and the recommended dose. They treat many patients who use phentermine, and they can adapt and change the dosage according to their needs and ask any questions you may have regarding their experience with phentermine. Exercise is a great stress reliever and helps boost energy from phentermine, and research on long-term weight loss has consistently shown that exercise is the key to losing weight with phentermine forever.

Some researchers believe that drug tolerance through phentermine is due to the fact that there is a limited amount of norepinephrine in the human system and that those limited reserves are depleted with repeated administration of phentermine. Tolerance to phentermine is an especially common problem in patients who have been taking phentermine for a long time or who are taking it for the second or third time. If you're taking phentermine and you've noticed that your appetite suppression and energy increase are lower than they used to be, this report could help you use phentermine to effectively return to losing weight. Now that we've looked at possible ways to make phentermine work again, it's worth quickly looking at some of the best practices to get significant long-term results from your phentermine weight loss program.

Most doctors DO NOT prescribe phentermine for more than a 3-month period because it is well known that the benefits of phentermine begin to decline after that period of time. The best way to use phentermine is to combine it with intermittent or prolonged fasting routines. In an effort to make phentermine work better, many patients seek supplements to take along with phentermine.

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